Month: Sep 2017

#SelfLoveWeek – Day 3


Today in #SelfLoveWeek, Mel Wells set the challenge to treat myself.

Celebrating my personal successes is something I’ve been getting better at over the last few months. I normally overlook them but realised that waiting around for someone else to do it will probably leave you waiting a bloody long time! There’s something really nice about treating yourself because you know what? You bloody deserve it! My favourite way to treat myself is through a nice gin (I don’t actually drink in the week as a general rule, contrary to common belief!), or a bath with a Lush bath bomb. Other times it might be having some whipped cream on my coffee.

Today, after a fabulous two weeks on holiday, but a hell of a lot of walking, I’ve ordered myself a foot spa because my feet need a treat more than I do. I don’t land until midnight, but thanks to the joy of Amazon Prime, it’ll be delivered tomorrow!

The great thing about this challenge, is that I was toying with going through with buying this, but felt like after two weeks on holiday another indulgence was ridiculous, but it was the push I needed!

#SelfLoveWeek – Day 2

Today I’ve been asked to “Name one thing that I’m proud of”. This is something I’ve been working on as when it comes to celebrating my own successes, I’m a little bit rubbish. I now take more time to reflect on my day, and if I can look at it and say “well done Jo. You nailed that today” I’ll treat myself. Whether it’s with a nice hot soak in the bath, a gin (contrary to common belief I don’t drink on week nights!) or something nice for tea, I make sure I celebrate my successes and take some time to be proud of me.

The one thing that I’m most proud of is upping sticks from my hometown in Essex in 2010, and making a new life for myself up North in Wigan, just outside of Manchester, which some of you reading this may know.

At just 23, I chose to relocate through work. Aside from a few work colleagues, I knew nobody. What I did know was that I needed to spread my wings and start afresh.

It took me 3 years before I found Dave and his gorgeous family, all of whom I adore as much as I do him.

It was another couple of years before we got Poppy (our gorgeous doggo) and all that’s missing right now is a home together, which hopefully isn’t too far off in the future 🙂

Although I have a couple of friends who have been around for years, in the last couple of years I’ve made the greatest group of friends that I’ve ever had.

Life isn’t perfect for me right now, but I’m proud of the fact that I’ve successfully built a life, where I’m happy and where I’ve got the right people around me, to help me get through whatever comes my way.

Some of the ingredients to building a happy life!

#SelfLoveWeek – Day 1

Today is Day 1 in Mel Wells’, Self Love Week. I woke up this morning to an email with two challenges.  The first was to comment on her video about “diet culture” (Mel is a food psychology coach and works on setting women free from diet culture, amongst other things).

The second was a little trickier. I had to come up with one thing I love about myself. This was hard but once I got going it was surprisingly easy and I’ve come up with two things.

When I go to the gym, I have a preference for weight lifting over cardio, and when I lift, I go heavy. By no means am I the stuff of champions, but when I tell a guy I could deadlift him and being told “you’re not just strong for a girl – you’re just strong” it makes my day. So number 1 on my list is my STRENGTH.

Number 2 on my list was going to be my smile (I honestly have THE WORST resting bitch face if I’m not smiling) but then sometimes my smile doesn’t meet my eyes. And that’s not genuine happiness. So actually my second thing is my eyes. I’ve gone through times in my life when I’ve really hated them. They’re rubbish. I’m blind as a bat without my glasses (which I also hate!) But after a recent problem with optic neuritis (I went blind in my left eye – it’s back now though) I realised just how important they are. I love the freedom that they give me and realised that we shouldn’t take them for granted, with or without glasses. They’re the window to the soul!

Your Greatest Love Affair 

I’m currently sat in my own version of paradise. I’m sat on the beach watching the waves, just three steps away gently breaking, with Zero 7 on Spotify playing in one ear. Honestly, I’ve not felt this content for a while.

Current View

I love the sea. Dave has commented before, that regardless of whether the waves are crashing in, or if the sea is so still that there’s not even a ripple, it has a hugely calming effect on me.
Oddly, when I lived in Essex, although I was just 15 minutes from the sea, I rarely went. Now, it’s much more like 50 minutes away. It’s funny what you miss and take for granted.

Today I’ve signed up for Mel Wells’ self love week. Over the course of this week (starting tomorrow) I will be completing one challenge a day for five days.

Why have I done this?

Over the last couple of years, I have become more settled and consequently, more happy with who I am. I’ve come to realise that the greatest ever love affair that I will have is with myself. However, I have neglected this relationship. True, I’m happy with myself, but now I’ve found that happiness with myself, I’ve accepted it and sort of just left it there.

The thing is, like with all relationships, once you find happiness you can’t stop working on it. You have to nurture it. You have to make time for it.

A switch has flicked in my head in the last couple of weeks. I received some potentially life changing news. It’s too early to say what that news is and what impact it will have right now, but it I’m honest, it’s given me a wake up call. I need to change my outlook and that means stopping taking my life for granted. I need to take some time to work on what’s important.

Taking time out for you, isn’t selfish. It’s a necessity and sadly something that the vast majority of us neglect.

My first step in connecting with myself, is to appreciate waking up everyday. Not just accepting it. Truly being grateful for it.

I’ll aim to write about these challenges everyday, but it’s unlikely that I’ll upload them daily as I’m still in Greece until Wednesday. Hopefully on Friday, I’ll have some time to write about my experiences in self love week.

I’m hoping that self love week will help me to refocus on caring about me, whatever path lies ahead of me.