1 year on.

10th June 2017. Somewhere between 9am and 10am on a dreary Saturday morning at Poppy’s play date, I thought I’d got some rain water stuck behind my contact lens.

I gave it a little wiggle. Nothing changed. Maybe I’d smeared some foundation on the lens in my haste to get ready. It wouldn’t be the first time.

That didn’t fix it either though.

A week later, 17th June, I was in hysterics, fearing the worst and desperately trying to get an appointment at Specsavers to see an optician. I still managed to squeeze in a selfie in between the tears of me modelling the “four eyes” look, as featured below!

That was what got me to here. On a Sunday evening exactly one year later, waiting to go into hospital in the morning.

This evening, I’m feeling nervous. I’m not scared but I’m well aware that I have chosen to have my immune system wiped out. I’m starting to feel the anticipation bubbling away inside of me.

Having reflected on the last year, what can I tell you?

I’m no longer scared of needles and blood tests, of which I know they’ll be many from tomorrow. I take CBD oil, which having grown up as VERY anti-drug was something I never thought I’d do. I blog. I put myself first. I don’t obsessively diet. I’m no where near as focussed on career progression. I try and live in the “now” more. I’ve got lots of new friends. I have MS.

Doesn’t a lot change in a year?

13 thoughts on “1 year on.

  1. I do believe living in the “now” is how we should live our lives. This was a great post and I want to thank you for sharing. Crazy question, do you call your grandfather Poppy? I always called both of mine Poppy!

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      1. I don’t find that but I really get stressed in the crowds πŸ™ sometimes I find it very overwhelming. Today’s a new day! Hope it’s a better one for you xx

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  2. I am just two days behind you in my own one year on story and reading your blog has been so refreshing. I’ve had so many β€œme too!” moments as I’ve read and I feel so much better about my one year on being today. Thank you πŸ™‚ keep writing! x

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