Three done, two to go…

I’m currently tucking into my favourite meal of the day! 9.30pm tea and toast (obviously accompanied by a blood pressure test and the rest of my tablets!)

Today has been a nice day. I woke up a very happy patient after successfully dropping off to sleep at 10.30 last night and only waking up at 6.15 in time for THAT alarm clock.

Kath has visited today with trashy mags, chocolate and more cordial (I’m getting through it at a ridiculous rate).

Fortunately as I needed a new cannular, she also arrived with a hand for me to crush! As it happened, the nurse on duty, Gincy, was lovely and really quite gentle.

Infusion started earlier again today – at about 1pm so we’re slowly moving forwards with it which is good as we need it nice and early for Friday so I can be discharged at a reasonable time.

After my infusion had finished I received another visitor in the form of Ste, a work colleague and friend for around 10 years. He’s just got back from his dream holiday in Sweden and Denmark so was fab to talk about that, and something other than my blood pressure!

Mostly today has been uneventful though. A little bit of chest tightness but not bad enough fo a nebuliser and I can report that my bladder is stronger with only about 47 trips to the bathroom today!

Tomorrow I stop the steroids. It will be nice for the taste to go, but with the lack of steroids comes a horrendous whole body rash in the vast majority of people!

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