They can’t stop me smiling!

Yesterday morning, in amongst the euphoria of going home, I crashed. Really crashed. I couldn’t be bothered to put my bra on. Every day I’ve had a routine of having a shower, doing my hair and putting my face on, in the interests of feeling a little more human.

Yesterday, I couldn’t care less about feeling human though. I was bloody knackered and just wanted to sleep. I can only liken it to feeling like coming down with the flu. And I don’t just mean a cold. I mean full blown, can’t drag your body out of bed, flu.

I mean, what are these MS warriors people speak of? Cause there ain’t one here! I felt pathetic!

I thought I’d got away with the rash too but I woke up looking like I had hives. Eurax cream, whilst messy was an absolute god send though as it really eased the itching. My nurse had other ideas though and I ended up with the two doses of intravenous piriton, one either side of the Lemtrada infusion.

I kept dozing in my infusion yesterday, I was definitely feeling the effects of not having steroids on Thursday!

Eventually, by 3.30 I was allowed home. Walking through the door at 4.15 was brilliant. I was so pleased to see Poppy and to just sink into an arm chair.

I managed about 2 slices of pizza (despite declaring all I wanted was pizza!) and then fell asleep for about 3 hours. I managed to get up for an hour and catch up on Corrie but then flaked out again at 11 and didn’t wake until about 10 this morning!

Even the little things are exhausting me today. My legs are the bit suffering most. The weakness and exhaustion I feel in them is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

So I think the Doctor ordered lots of chilling out over the next few weeks, sleeping when I need and generally just taking it slowly.

Even though I do feel awful though, they can’t stop me smiling!

6 thoughts on “They can’t stop me smiling!

  1. Your positive attitude is infectious! I do believe keeping a smile on your face will help through these difficult times of life. I often try to smile through my pain, partially so no one really knows. I also wanted to say, your dog is absolutely adorable!!! I hope you get lots of rest over the next few weeks. From what I am told rest is often very helpful!!

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    1. Awww thank you 😊 she’s an absolute sweetie and definitely the sunshine in the bad days! She’s being a bit weird with me since I’ve got home though. It’s like she knows something isn’t quite right xx

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      1. I know this might sound a little crazy, but I do believe our pets know how we are feeling more than some people in our lives. She probably does realize something is not 100% right with you and she is thinking of ways to make it better!

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      2. Both of my cats seem to know when I am feeling horrible. Our oldest cat knows when I have a bad headache and all she wants to do is lay on my head. Or when my legs are in out of control pain, like they have been lately, both of them want to lay on them!

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      3. It’s adorable isn’t it? She seems to be much more settled now and won’t leave my side! They are wonderful therapy xx


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