Shift.ms have worked with directors to produce this short film (10 mins ish). 

The story is of a girl who is experiencing the hidden symptoms of MS. She’s not diagnosed and the doctors say there’s nothing wrong with her.

Her next door neighbour however is diagnosed with MS, and her son spots the girl struggling and asks his mum to speak with her. Once she knows she has MS she’s able to manage the “beast” that she’s dealing with.

The scene with the stairs is a great visualisation of what it can feel like trying to make it upstairs sometimes, and the struggling with the wrists when the mother is working on her laptop. You also see the mum zone out of the conversation with her son. All of these things really resonated with me.

If you’ve got 10 minutes to spare, it’s definitely worth a watch.


4 thoughts on “Hidden.

  1. Wow, what a powerful film, thank you for sharing. I was diagnosed back in February and think Im with the same nurse as you, Danny? I’m at Salford Royal too. Seeing this film has helped me understand a little more about what’s happening, for me it’s the lost words, hugs and those creepy fingers running up and down my arms. I’m currently thinking about Lemtrada but petrified about side effects so finding your blog has been amazing. Hope you’re doing ok.

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    1. You’re welcome 😊 and yes Danny! He’s absolutely brilliant! You’ve probably found through my blog, I was only diagnosed at the end of January myself, but there’s evidence for me about 8 years back. Lem is scary. The side effects are. But I was more scared of the unknown lesions that could put me in a wheelchair. I’m doing ok and I’m back to work on Monday on a phased return.

      Let me know if you want to chat some more or if you have any specific questions xx


      1. Thank you Joanna, im so glad to hear you’re doing ok, ive really enjoyed reading your blog and definitely related to the eye thing, that was my first brush with it all 4 years ago. I would really like to connect and chat more, I have to admit I haven’t made contact with anyone yet or even looked up my local MS support centre (think it’s Trafford), part nerves, part what to say, though did giggle at your last post about 14 things not to say, I had a good friend say the other day ‘now you know what it feels like to be a second class citizen 😱’ he’s not getting a Xmas card this year 😉 xx

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      2. Oh you’re kidding 🙈 going to your local centre is brilliant. It really is overwhelming at first but meeting other people MS really helped me! If you’re on Facebook feel free to add me, Joanna Livermore 😊 if not, my email address is joannalivermore@gmail.com xx


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