My name’s Jo and in September 2017, just before my 31st birthday, I was told I might have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). By January 2018, I had been diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS, and in June 2018 I began aggressive treatment to help manage it. This blog is here to tell you about my journey, give support to other people in my shoes and hopefully raise awareness for people who don’t know much or want to know more about this completely misunderstood chronic condition.

I love writing, and one of the things I can thank MS for, is it’s given me a sense of purpose when it comes to writing. It’s given my blog an identity!

Most of this blog is about my diagnosis and learning how to live with a chronic illness, but I’m sure I’ll be throwing in plenty of “off-topic” posts for good measure!

It’s important to note, I’m not a medical expert so there’s every chance there’s the odd bit of factually inaccurate information. I try and make sure I’ve got a proper understanding before writing about it’s easy to get confused.

This is MS how it is in my head!

Thanks for stopping by!