C: The ‘Craply Planned’ One

I absolutely recognise how rubbish I am at blogging. I just can’t seem to find the time to do it, however this evening I’ve found myself with a coffee in hand staring out the window at Belfast City Airport. So why not make a productive use of my time?

Our C date was one planned a bit off the cuff. Back in September, my Mum and Dad booked a holiday home in Bowness on Windermere for a week. My sister, who is currently travelling Australia had planned to pop home between her first and second year so a week in the Lakes was planned for Mum, Dad, my brother and Dave and I. It definitely felt like the right opportunity to have our C date.

After trying to pass the whole week off as a C date as we were in Cumbria, Dave reigned me in a bit and we decided after much deliberating over Caves (couldn’t get booked) and a castle (too far away), canoeing (out of season and everywhere closed) we set out heart on climbing Coniston old man.

Now I know you can’t go to the Lakes and hope for anything BUT rain, but we probably picked this worst day for it. The weather was absolutely dreadful. Plus there’s no signal in The Lakes, anywhere,  so using out phone’s for directions proved pretty fruitless. Christ knows where we ended up but it definitely wasn’t Coniston old man.

What we need establish was that we had ended up in Coniston and after parking up and walking a flipping long way, we found a (sort of) big hill and started to climb it. Honestly, I don’t think we were even going up a proper route, it was raining that much it was really slippy and it was already pretty late in the day for climbing up hills. I had the right hump because I was cold, wet and hungry (I don’t deal with any of these things well!)

We didn’t get far as you can see from the pictures. Because it was so awful, I insisted that it was either a “Craply Planned date” or it just didn’t count at all!

Dave wasn’t overly keen on that but I was soon to rectify it…





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