Purpose is the best medicine…

I’m heading back to work tomorrow. Given the rocky ride in recovery from Lemtrada this time around, I’m surprised. But once the rash finally calmed down I felt the best I have since having the treatment. And although I’ve loved reading excessively, now seems as good a time as any to get back to whatever my version of normal is. And I was only half joking when I told my manager I wanted to come back to work because air-conditioning. Seriously. I’ve been hot for about three weeks and can’t seem to cool down. The recent record breaking highs haven’t helped with that in the slightest!

In all honesty, the reason I knew that I was ready to go back to work is that I felt called to start sending distance Reiki again to friends in need. And that brings me to the point of my blog.


Having a chronic illness means you’re all too aware of one thing. A cure ain’t rocking up anytime soon. So that means unless some genius comes up with one, you’ve got this forever. It’s irrelevant whether your disease gets worse through progression, or if it’s simply subject to flare ups, it’s a nasty uncertainty to live with.

There are two choices you can make about that uncertainty. You can sit and wallow and wait for the next relapse, flare up or new symptom to appear. Or you can get on with life. Distract yourself from that unclear future. Live in the present. Define your purpose.

I can honestly say that when I found Reiki, I’d never felt better. And in so many ways, that was absolutely because of the healing energy. But equally, it was because I had found a distraction, which in turn became a passion and purpose. And although I haven’t had the energy to be sending healing to myself, never mind others whilst I’ve been recovering, I’ve found that escapism in a book has been the ultimate tonic when I’ve been unbearably itchy.

You know what? We all have a right to whinge and wallow when something shitty happens. It’s healthy. But what isn’t, is if you can’t drag yourself back out of the place. And finding a hobby, passion or purpose absolute helps in combatting that.

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